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Get Your Parking Right

We ensure you Master all your driving rules including parking.

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Be Confident Behind The Wheel.

We will give you adequate driving experience, supervised by our experienced drivers to make you confident behind the wheel.

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Comprehensive Drivers' Ed.

We provide low cost, safe and qualitative comprehensive drivers education services.

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Hurray! We Passed

Pass your Drive Test without Stress.

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Rookie Drivers

Are you a Rookie Driver? You are welcome at Applechoice.

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Enroll Now!

Applechoice Driving School invites you to enroll today.

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Safe And Sober

With our practical classes on safe and sober programs, we ensure you understand the rules.

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Driver Ed

Drivers Education

Are you a Rookie Driver?, Applechoice will give you comprehensive Driver's Ed.


Driver Improvement

Applechoice Driving School offers online and classroom courses for the Driver Improvement Program

Spanish Class

Spanish Class

Applechoice ahora esta ofreciendo clases en español oprima aquí para más detalles

Class Schedules

Class Schedules

Check out our class schedules that have been especially packaged to meet your needs

MVA Practice

MVA Practice & Test Escort

We take you through MVA practice and help you not just to pass the test but to be a safe driver for life


Private Driving Lessons

Do you require Private Driving Lessons? We will provide you a driving experience that exceeds the standard

Safe and Sober

Safe and Sober

We offer on-line and classroom courses for the Safe and Sober program